Not found 404 pages should offer logged in content authors option to create page at that path which gets us toward wiki capabilities in Drupal

This should not replace searching for potential matches á la Search 404 | but it should be an option on that page.

If the correct page can be guessed, á la A person following an incomplete link to a Drutopia site are redirected to the correct page [#3388903], maybe the offer to create content at the originally-tried path is not needed, but if say a feature is enabled to tell people about the redirect seems we could also at least have a link to

Hmm so maybe the easy way to do this is to have a link to create content with the path alias set via Prepopulate module.

Or a bunch of create content links, one for each content type. That would seem to be a fundamental problem, not knowing which content type (or even term creation pages for different vocabularies, media creation…)

But if we for now take content as the 90%+ use case, we can do better than needing a link, button, or form for every type of content.

We can eliminate from contention each content type where the path we had does not match the pathauto pattern for that content type.

On a site with good structure like Drutopia you’d only need to have an option to create a page or, well really if the pathauto pattern matches perfectly we should only use that one— /article/example need only suggest creating an article, not a page. Whereas /example would suggest only a page (or Gutenberg page or any others without a static part of the path alias pattern).