Drupal should default to hidden field labels, not 'display above', or let people set default to hide or inline

Found the issue on d.o just now by searching “drupal default field labels hidden inline”:

Backdrop set labels to hidden by default links:

Opened this as a Drutopia issue a while ago:

Hide field labels by default

Given that I am logged in as a site builder (“Administrator” role),
when I create a new field
I want the field label to be visually hidden by default in all view modes so that my site is not ugly.


When building Drupal sites i, and i think most devs, spend five minutes or so for every new content type, and sometimes every view mode, changing the field labels from “Above” to “Hidden”.

I noticed this feature in Backdrop during a Backdrop session at BADCamp and pointed it out, and the room applauded. (Nate was pleased someone noticed. Having just shown features like uploading images dragged-and-dropped into the WYSIWYG editor and Backdrop’s excellent layout builder, Jen said, “that got the applause?”)

Proposed solution

Find or open a Drupal core issue (and introduce a “Keeping up with Backdrop” label/tag over there if it doesn’t already exist) and apply the patch to Drutopia, or do a hook or other alter if the patch is rejected.

Remaining work

Do the above.